Do It Yourself Windscreen Scratch Repair Kit (GP-WIZ™ System)

Scratches, mineral deposits, water damage, scuffs and acid etching


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Now everyone is able to repair damaged automotive glass, our DIY Windscreen Scratch Repair Kit is designed to be used with an electric drill are 1500-2200rpm. This kit can be used by any individual who needs to repair windscreen, rear or side windows also it can be used on any other type of glass i.e. toughened glass, double glazed units, windows, patio doors, glass tables, shower screens, fish tanks, marine applications and more.

  • Contains GP-PRO™ abrasive discs and Professional Grade GP-PRO™ Polishing solution used and approved by GLASS POLISH technicians worldwide.
  • Designed to remove scratches, scuffs, traffic film, acid rain hard water deposits.
  • Can be used on any type of glass surface including toughened glass and any automotive glass.
  • Designed to be used with a standard mains powered electric drill (at recommended speed 1500-2200RPM)


  • 3'' (75mm) Velcro Backing Pad (with drill attachment)
  • 2 x 3'' (75mm) Velour Backed Rayon Felt Polishing Pads - Extra Grip
  • 5 x 3'' (75mm) GP50 - Blue Fine Abrasive Discs
  • 5 x 3'' (75mm) GP100 - Green Medium Coarse Abrasive Discs
  • 50ml GP-PRO Professional Grade Glass Polishing Compound
  • 100ml Water Spray Bottle
  • Micro Fibre Cloth
  • Dust mask
  • Instructions


*Polishing Compound upgrade to:

  • 100ml ((for multiply repairs to cover approximately 4sqm areas)
  • 250ml (for multiply repairs to cover approximately 10sqm areas)
  • 500ml (for multiply repairs to cover approximately 20sqm areas)

*Polishing Pads upgrade to:

  • 5 Pads (recommended along with 100 -250ml bottle of polishing compound)
  • 10 Pads (recommended along with 250 -500 ml bottle of polishing compound)

Abrasive Discs upgrade to:

  • 10 discs of each grade (for multiply repairs up to 10 single scratches)
  • 20 discs of each grade (for multiply repairs up to 20 single scratches)
  • 50 discs of each grade (for multiply repairs up to 50 single scratches)

*Add Surface Sealant

  • Surface Sealant is not a requirement but a very nice add on.  It makes the glass super shiny and smooth.  It is a water repellent & has an easy clean coating helping to repel dust and dirt particles for easier maintenance.


*This kit is designed to remove single scratches up to 10 inches in length or for effected areas up to 8 x10 inches. (If damaged area is larger than 8 x 10 inches we recommend to use our PRO KIT.

*Be patient - glass is a very hard surface and polishing process is time consuming and might require more than one attempted (depend of the damage)

*Using an electric drill make sure to generate recommended speed 1500 - 2000rpm



ATTACHMENT METHOD Velcro Hook and Loop
FELT PAD BACKING Velour Backed - Extra Grip
BACKING PAD SIZE 2 inch (50mm) or 3 inch (75mm)
ABRASIVE DISCS SIZE 2 inch (50mm) or 3 inch (75mm)
POLISHING PADS Velour Backed Rayon Fiber Felt
ACCESSORIES Micro Fibre Cloth, Dust Mask, Spray Bottle
ABRASIVE DISCS GP-PRO - Two Stage (Fine, Ultra Fine)
POLISHING COMPOUND Professional Grade Glass Polishing Compound Cerium Oxide GP-PRO
POLISHER No Polisher

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