2'' 50mm GP100 MEDIUM GRADE

FOR REMOVING OF: Scratches, Sandpaper damage, acid etching


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The GP100 – MEDIUM Grade  is a Scratch Removal glass abrasive disc.

It is a 3rd Generation GP-PRO™ abrasive disc constructed from top grade silicon carbide, made with green velour backing for Velcro hook and loop, to be used with any 2’’ 50mm Velcro Backing Pad. Medium Abrasive GP100 is used to remove deep scratches i.e. sandpaper scratches, razor blades scratches, cleaner damage, acid etching graffiti damage, scuffs from glass, can be used on any type of glass surface including toughened glass and any automotive glass. 

The GP100 abrasive disc is commonly used to remove deep scratches or abrasive marks caused with the GP150 Coarse disc.

  • Disc Diameter: 2 inch (50mm)
  • Attachment method : Velcro hook and loop
  • Use for operating with rotary electric device (drill or sander / polisher)
  • Available in: 10, 20, 50 pack


For best results Pre-Polish process (GP50 Fine grade) is required.​

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