Do It Yourself Windscreen Crack and Chip Repair Kit

Repair Chips, Cracks, Bullseye, Star Break, Half Moon and Combination Break


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Our Crack and Chip repair kit is the ideal solution for repairing your own chipped or cracked car windscreen.  It is a simple and very effective DIY Repair Kit.

  • Repairs cracks up to 5mm long (0.2inch), (3/16). 
  • Advanced resin formula is 5 times stronger than the original glass. 
  • Clear and permanent repair, no mixing, no additional tools required. 
  • Repairs: bullseye, half moon break, star damage. (see pictures below). 
  • Cures in sunlight. Restores all types of glass i.e. windscreens to near new condition.

Easy and safe to use and comes with full step by step instructions. This kit can be used to repair multiple damages.


  • Bridge
  • Resin chamber
  • Injector
  • Resin chamber tip
  • Glass repair resin (5ml)
  • Scraping blade
  • Clear plastic curing film
  • Small micro fiber cloth
  • Instructions

​​Common Types Of Windscreen Cracks And Chips (See images above for illustration)

  • Star Break is defined as damage that exhibits a series of legs that emanate from the break. This type of break has multiple legs extending from the impact point and is characterized by their “X” shape or star-like appearance. Windshield Star breaks can be repaired if the total diameter of the break (excluding legs) does not to exceed 5mm, 0.2inch.
  • Bullseye Break is defined as damage that is marked by a separated cone in the outer layer of glass that results in a dark circle with an impact point. It is round with no cracks radiating from the center impact point. It can be repaired if the total diameter of the break does not to exceed 5mm, 0.2inch. Half Moon Break is defined as a partial Bullseye that’s no larger than 5mm, 0.2inch. The Half Moon consists of a half circle partial cone of separated glass around the point of impact.
  • Combination Break is defined as damage with multiple characteristics, i.e., Star within a Bullseye, short or long crack(s) emanating from the damage. More severe, this type of break is a combination of a Bullseye and Star break. Combination breaks can be repaired if the diameter of body (excluding legs) does not exceed 5mm, 0.2inch.

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