3'' 75mm DIY Glass Scratch Repair Kit (GP-WIZ System)

Recommended to remove long single scratches, scuffs or acid etching


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  • DIY Version of the Professional GP-WIZ System, used and approved by GLASS POLISH technicians worldwide.
  • Removes scratches, scuffs, hard water deposits, acid etching.
  • Can be used on any type of glass surface including toughened glass and any automotive glass.
  • Designed to be used with a standard mains powered electric drill (at recommended speed 1500-2200RPM)


  • 1 x 3'' (75mm) Velcro Backing Pad (with drill attachment)
  • 2 x 3'' (75mm) Velour Backed Felt Polishing Pad - Extra Grip
  • 5 x 3'' (75mm) GP50 - Blue Fine Abrasive Disc
  • 5 x 3'' (75mm) GP100 - Green Medium Abrasive Disc
  • 5 x 3'' (75mm) GP150 - Red Coarse Abrasive Dis
  • 50ml GP-PRO  Glass Polishing Compound - Professional Grade
  • 100ml Water Spray Bottle
  •  Micro Fibre Cloth
  • Dust mask
  • Instructions


* This Product is designed to remove single scratches up to 10 inches in length or for damaged patch area not larger than  8 x 10 inches.

* Glass Polishing can be a lengthy process, on account of the composition of most glass surfaces. In some cases, more than one attept may be required.

* Using an electric drill make sure to generate recommended speed 1500-2000rpm.

* This Kit is not suitable for use on Mobile Phones, Tablets and Flat Screens TV's.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR KIT - you can add an extra consumables to the standard kit if required.

  • Polishing Compound upgrade to:

*100ml ( to cover up to 2 sqm area)

*250ml  (to cover up to 6 sqm area)

*500ml (to cover up to 15 sqm area)

  • ​Felt Polishing Pads upgrade to:

*5 Pads (recommended to go along with 100ml - 250ml bottle of Polishing Compound)

*10 Pads (recommended to go along with 500ml bottle of Polishing Compound)

  • ​Abrasive Discs Upgrade to:

*10 Discs (approximately enough to remove 5 -10 scratches with up to 10 inch in length)

*25 Discs (approximately enough to remove 10 - 25 scratches with up to 10 inch in length)

*50 Discs (approximately enough to remove 50 scratches with up to 10 inch in length)

  • Add Surface Sealant

*Surface Sealant is not a requirement but a very nice add on.  It makes the glass super shiny and smooth.  It is a water repellent & has an easy clean coating helping to repel dust and dirt particles for easier maintenance.


ATTACHMENT METHOD Velcro Hook and Loop
BACKING PAD SIZE 3 inch (75mm)
POLISHING PADS Velour Backed Rayon Fiber Felt Extra Grip
ACCESSORIES Micro Fibre Cloth, Dust Mask, Spray Bottle
ABRASIVE DISCS GP-PRO - Three Stage (Coarse, Medium, Fine)
POLISHING COMPOUND GP-PRO Professional Grade Glass Polishing Compound
POLISHER Drill Required

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