Do It Yourself Leather and Vinyl Heat Cure Repair Kit

Small holes, Cuts, Rips, Tears, Burn Marks and Scratches


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Repair holes, gouges, scrapes, and burns in Vinyl Flooring and Tiles, It’s easy to mix the coloured repair compound to match your floor. With this kit repairs take minutes, the application is easy and all you need is a houshold iron, simply apply the compound to the damaged area, cover it with the grain textured paper provided in the kit and then heat with the heating tool suplied. The compound cures to a .

The heating tool is an extremely simple design, this kit is very low cost and will do up to 20 small repair jobs.  

Heat causes the special repair compund to harden up duplicating vinyl flooring, bonding permanently to the surface. Some floors have a multi-colour effect the insructions will show you how to repair them.

  • Special Compound colours mix to all popular shades
  • The grain textured paper puts the floor like pattern into the repaired area.
  • To be used with an ordinary household iron.
  • Cures in minutes. Ideal for multiple small repairs.
  • You can repair small holes, rips, scrapes and burns in minutes.

​Vinyl and vinyl floor tiles often get damaged. Finding an original piece to match and replace the damaged area is usually impossible. But now, with our Vinyl Floor and Vinyl Tile repair kit you can make "on the spot" repairs in just a few minutes!

Product Contains:

  •  7 intermixable colours
  • 2 vinyl adhesives
  • Powder hardener
  • Grain paper packet
  • Fabric material
  • Practice Vinyl
  • Mixing Bottle
  • Spatula
  • Heat transfer tool
  • colour match guide
  • Instructions

​​​​This kit contains everything you need to make multiple repairs, all you need is a houshold iron.

Please contact us if you need any assistance.

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