Plastic and Acrylic Restoration Kit for use with an Angle Polisher

Restores Heavy damage, Scratches, Hazy, Foggy or Yellow Plastics, Mineral deposits and Water marks


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Our Plastic and Acrylic Restoration Kit is designed for use with an angle polisher at 1000rpm. It can be used by any professional or individuals who needs to repair heavy damage such us: scratches, haziness, dull, discoloured or foggy plastics and acrylics. It's very easy to use and it is the ideal solution for DIY or Professional repairs. Can be used one many types of plastic or acrylic applications including Windows, Shower Screens, Helmet Visors, Car Head and Tail lights, Dash Boards, Furniture and much more.

  • Designed to be used with an angle polisher at 1000rpm.
  • Repair Heavy Damage, Scratches, Scuffs, Surface marks, Mineral Deposits, Haziness
  • Can be used on plastics and any type of acrylic surfaces (except polycarbonate)
  • Comes with easy to follow step by step instruction and YouTube video demo.


  • 3'' (750mm) Velcro Backing Pad
  • 4.5'' (115mm) Velcro Backing Pad
  • 250ml Plastic Cutting Compound A
  • 250ml Plastic Polishing Compound B
  • 50 x 4.5'' 115mm GP20 Ultra-Fine abrasive disc
  • 50 x 3'' 75mm GP20 Ultra-Fine abrasive discs
  • 10 x 3'' (75mm) Velour Backed Rayon Felt Polishing Pads - Extra Grip
  • 10 x 4.5'' (115mm) Velour Backed Rayon Felt Polishing Pads - Extra Grip
  • 500ml Water Spray Bottle
  • Tool Bag
  • Micro Fibre cloth
  • Instructions

​*Add Surface Sealant

  • Surface Sealant is not a requirement but a very nice add on. It makes the surface super shiny and smooth. It is a water repellent & has an easy clean coating helping to repel dust and dirt particles for easier maintenance. 


*DO NOT USE on polycarbonate.

*DO NOT EXCEED 1000rpm.

*Please make sure to choose the right thread for the backing pad.

*This Kit is not suitable for use on Mobile Phones, Tablets and Flat Screens TV's.



FELT PAD BACKING Velour Backed - Extra Grip
BACKING PAD SIZE 3inch (75mm) and 4.5inch (115mm)
POLISHING PADS Velour Backed Rayon Fiber Felt
ACCESSORIES Micro Fibre Cloth, Spray Bottle
ABRASIVE DISCS Two Stage wet and Dry (Medium and Light)
POLISHING COMPOUND Plastic Polish Application A and B

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