Professional Plastic and Acrylic Cutting Compound Application A

Restores Abrasions, Scratches, Haziness, Spider Webbing and Mineral Deposits


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50ml (1.7oz) Plastic and Acrylic Cutting Compound Application A is a professional grade abrasive compound, ideal for removing scratches from plastics and acrylic surfaces. It is used and approved by GLASS POLISH technicians worldwide. Pre mixed ready to use, removes scratches from plastic and any acrylic surfaces. Can be used on Plastic Windows, Acrylic Fish Tanks, Boats, Planes, Motorcycles, Fiberglas, Baths & Showers and countless Industrial or household’s applications.


  • Removes scratches, abrasions and haziness from plastic and acrylic surfaces
  • Restore faded and discoloured plastic / acrylic surface.
  • Pre mixed - ready to use with hand pad, polishing cloth or with felt polishing pad
  • Very easy and safe to use, ideal for professional and DIY restorations.
  • For best results we recommend to use along with Application B Polishing Compound


*Compound Contains micro abrasives, not for use on eyeglasses, or coated plastic.

*DO NOT USE on polycarbonate


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